2012 Award Recipient - Debbie Benczkowski

Debbie Benczkowski received HCCC's 2012 Award of Distinction - Outstanding Employee/Volunteer. The Selection Committee considered a range of criteria in awarding it to an exceptional current or former employee or volunteer of an HCCC member organization who has provided leadership, service and/or outstanding support to the charitable health sector.

Debbie has worked in the voluntary sector for over thirty years, twenty five of which have been devoted to the work of the Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC).

Debbie Benczkowski

She currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of ASC, with responsibility for the Society’s Programs & Services, including research & education, member services, human resources and corporate secretariat.

Debbie’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, including their families and caregivers, has been and continues to be unwavering.

Over the years, Debbie   gained the respect and trust of successive Boards of Directors and was asked to lead the ASC on three occasions during the past several years.

Over the past thirty three years, the Alzheimer Society has been working on behalf of Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease.  Debbie’s leadership accomplishments over the span of her career are many and varied. She has played an outstanding role in the development of all aspects of the work of the Society, including:

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Tri-level co-location
  • Information technology resources
  • Advocacy/Government relations/Public policy Program
  • Research Program
  • Education and Support Programs
  • Involvement of people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the work of the Society
  • External Partnerships
  • International Representation
  • Human Resources Program

Additionally, she is recognized as a leader in the international Alzheimer community.

Outside of the Society, Debbie is a volunteer with the Heart to Hand program that caters to the needs of families in crisis.  Heart to Hand contributes to a Nutrition Program for two of Toronto’s neediest schools. This volunteer program is part of the Hope for Children Foundation and New Circles Community services.

Debbie is most certainly a role model and the members of HCCC thank her for her exceptional contributions to the charitable health sector.

The Health Charities Coalition of Canada 2012 Award of Distinction was presented to Debbie Benczkowski on April 18th in Toronto during its Annual Roundtable Meeting.

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