2015 Award of Distinction Recipient Peter Goodhand

At its 17th Annual Roundtable Meeting held April 15th, 2015 the HCCC was proud to present the inaugural Award of Distinction to Mr. Peter Goodhand.

Peter is truly a 'citizen' of the health charities community. Peter has a unique ability to blend his skills in marketing, revenue development and strategic thinking with an incredible passion for mission. He can talk to CEOs, governor generals, cabinet ministers, daffodil selling volunteers, scientists, public health advocates, cancer survivors, from St John's to Victoria to small communities all over Canada with the same incredible sincerity, enthusiasm and expertise.

During his time as President & CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) from 2009-2012 he succeeded in leading a significant nationwide branding and marketing strategy for CCS, several significant advocacy wins for the organization under his leadership, including the new federal Family Caregiver Tax Credit (announced with the late Jim Flaherty), and he oversaw the complete redesign of the CCSRI research program.

His secret is that he puts an incredible amount of himself into the mission of any organization he leads. Peter has a passion for science and for human health, and that commitment has continued in his post CCS life, where he is now the founding Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. He also continues to volunteer his time, serving as the Board Chair for the Ontario Health Technology Exchange, Chair of the OCRC Steering Committee and, more recently, on the Board of the newly announced AGE-WELL NCE.

Peter has been, and continues to be, a leader in the health charity sector and continues to be an incredibly important mentor to many colleagues.



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