HCCC Funding Partners

HCCC, a member based organization, is dedicated to advocating for sound public policy on health issues and promoting the highest quality health research.  HCCC strives for excellence in health policy and seeks to ensure that the federal government and policy makers look to the Coalition and its members for timely advice and leadership on major health issues of concern to Canadians; and that they recognize the competence, commitment and contributions of health charities in improving the health and well-being of Canadians.

HCCC receives the majority of its funding from membership fees.  In addition to membership fees, the coalition’s budget may be augmented through receipt of partnership funding.  Minimal funding from external organizations in any given fiscal year in no way influences the coalition’s strategic goals and objectives, which are established by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership.  The Board of Directors is comprised of senior leaders from our member organizations.

HCCC thanks our funding partner, Innovative Medicines Canada, 2020-2021

Medicines Canada _EN_HORIZ_RGBInnovative Medicines Canada contributed financially to HCCC in accordance with our strict policy that prevents any control or influence by the donor on our decision-making.  This is consistent with the ethical principles of Canada's research-based pharmaceutical companies which require that they assure the independence and integrity of stakeholders, in terms of their operations, policies and activities.

Our member organizations thank the following partners, who have financially contributed to the Coalition both currently and in recent years.

HCCC Past Funder(s)

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