2015 Award of Distinction (Outstanding Employee/Volunteer) Recipient Bev Heim-Myers

At its 17th Annual Roundtable Meeting held April 15th, 2015 the HCCC was proud to present the inaugural Award of Distinction, Outstanding Employee/Volunteer to Bev Heim-Myers.

 Bev Heim-Myers personifies the importance of one person who is trying to change the world for the better. Bev sees a Canadian society that in the future does not discriminate against those with genetic conditions.

 It wasn't until Bev joined as the new President & CEO at the Huntington Society of Canada that genetic discrimination began to be highlighted in public forums. Bev, with the financial support of the Huntington Society began a campaign to raise public awareness through social media, TV and print media. Bev built upon this momentum to engage with all levels of government across Canada and continues to do so.

 Bev brought leaders together from different sectors and founded the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness and became its chair. In that capacity, she has built a community of support who advocate to government departments, lobbied the Senate and has become well known in the PMO's office.

 Bev would be the first to say that she does not work alone. She engages with partners and builds on their expertise and networks. Bev champions the cause and passionately speaks for genetic fairness. Bev has been quoted extensively in publications (Globe and Mail), written opinion pieces (Huffington Post) and debated the issue in forums such as the Café Scientifique (CIHR) and TVO.

 Bev is recognized as a capable and knowledgeable leader in the health charity sector.   








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