Membership Criteria

HCCC, a member based organization, is dedicated to advocating for sound public policy on health issues and promoting the highest quality health research.  HCCC strives for excellence in health policy and seeks to ensure that the federal government and policy makers look to the Coalition and its members for timely advice and leadership on major health issues of concern to Canadians; and that they recognize the competence, commitment and contributions of health charities in improving the health and well-being of Canadians.

Membership Criteria:

The following criteria must be met in order for an organization to qualify for membership in the Health Charities Coalition of Canada. The organization:

  1. Maintains registered charitable status
  2. Is a national health charity
  3. Serves Canadians in all provinces and territories
  4. Serves the people of Canada in both official languages 
  5. Focuses on improving health as a part of its mission; particularly in the areas of health research and health policy (HCCC's priority areas of focus)

Membership Obligations

  • Participates in HCCC networking opportunities such as attending CEO Forums, Annual Roundtable Meetings and advocacy events.
  • Provides in-kind services to support HCCC's activities.
  • Commits to paying an annual membership fee as outlined in HCCC's Resourcing Policy.
    *A principle expectation of membership is that member organizations endorse the concept of providing 'IN KIND' support in addition to membership fees.  This is intended to provide the person-power and expertise required to act on HCCC priorities.  Members will do their best to respond to requests for assistance where possible (e.g. full or part time secondments on a project basis; participation in project teams, committees, task forces, etc).
  • Makes a minimum 2-year membership commitment to HCCC in order to assist the Coalition in maintaining financial sustainability.
  • HCCC must adhere to the position statement on indirect costs of research  "It is the position of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC) that health charities will not fund the indirect costs associated with the research they fund."
    All HCCC members have agreed not to fund indirect costs. While the HCCC recognizes that these are indeed legitimate expenditures, we believe the funding of such costs is the responsibility of governments and/or research institutions and not donors. Click here to read the entire position statement.

Membership Fees

Tier Fee Annual Revenue
1               $22,000 $124 million or more
2 $19,250 $64 million to $123,999,999
3 $16,500 $32 million to $63,999,999
4 $13,750 $16 million to $31,999,999
5 $11,000 $8 million to $15,999,999
6 $  8,250 $4 million to $7,999,999
7 $  5,500 $2 million to $3,999,999
8 $  2,750 $1 million to $1,999,999
9 $  1,320     $999,999 and under

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