HCCC Vision and Values

We strengthen the voice of Canadians, patients and caregivers by advocating for enhanced health policy and increased investment in health research.

HCCC, a member based organization, is dedicated to advocating for sound public policy on health issues and promoting the highest quality health research.  HCCC strives for excellence in health policy and seeks to ensure that the federal government and policy makers look to the Coalition and its members for timely advice and leadership on major health issues of concern to Canadians; and that they recognize the competence, commitment and contributions of health charities in improving the health and well-being of Canadians.

HCCC was established in 2000.

National health charities play a number of key roles in the health system, including:

  • We are co-funders with the government on some of the most important leading health research in the world.  Members of the HCCC alone fund in excess of $155 million annually for health research and research training;
  • We provide leadership in lifestyle change for prevention,  early detection, management and quality of life;
  • We are part of the vast network of services in the Canadian health system that develop and offer programs to support patients, families and caregivers;
  • We translate knowledge gained through research to affect better public policy and better health outcomes for Canadians.

Canadians place a high level of trust in Canada's national health charities.  They look to us for information, reassurance, assistance and leadership as they navigate their way through the health system.  The members of HCCC strive not only to meet those expectations, but to continually exceed them.

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HCCC Strategic Plan Strengthening Our Purpose

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