Member Testimonials

Our members value being part of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada.  Here is what they have to say about us:

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Bev Heim-Myers

CEO, Huntington Society of Canada

"HCCC has created a wonderful opportunity to be part of a collective voice. A voice that informs the federal government and policy makers on health issues that are a concern to the coalition members and Canadians. HCCC also presents an opportunity for leading health charities to share best practices and stay committed to continuous improvement." 

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 Yves Savoie

President and CEO, MS Society of Canada

"Our membership in HCCC allows the MS Society of Canada to work with like-minded organizations to advance important health issues. Together, we are making a difference in health policy that is benefitting Canadians from coast to coast." 

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Sharon Colle

President and CEO, The Foundation Fighting Blindness
"The great Helen Keller once said, “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” It has been a profoundly rewarding experience to be engaged with HCCC both at a personal and organizational level. Together, we are making a difference, building excellence within the health charitable sector while we collectively advocate for the best health outcomes for Canadians."

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Mary Pat Shaw

Acting President and CEO, Canadian Lung Association
"The Canadian Lung Association is happy to be an active member and supporter of HCCC. We believe that there is significant value in the collective voice of Health Charities on issues of public policy, advocacy and research. The HCCC provides an excellent forum for building on the strengths of our leadership, for information and resource sharing, and for action on issues of importance to our sector." 

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Michael Cloutier

President and CEO, Canadian Diabetes Association
"We are pleased with our membership in the Health Charities Coalition of Canada as this helps us to keep step with the changing regulatory environment and puts us in direct contact with regulatory and opinion leaders. We benefit from having a conduit to education and interface with regulatory and sector leaders to keep abreast of changing regulations and trends." 

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Dr. Kevin Glasgow

Chief Executive Officer, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Canada
"CCFC has received excellent value from its membership in the Health Charities Coalition of Canada. The Coalition's leaders and members have created a networking and learning environment where best practices are shared openly for the benefit of the entire health charity sector. The ongoing learning opportunities for health charity leaders also ensure we are continuing to improve our practices and performance, and as a result, better meet the needs of our constituents.

Health charities have unique challenges and value prospects that set them apart in the general "charitable sector" and the link through HCCC assists us in managing effectively." 

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Bobbe Wood

President, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
"The Health Charities Coalition of Canada gives a strong, collective voice to organizations focused on improving the health of Canadians. It provides members with valuable, credible and reliable representation before the federal government on sector-wide issues. By bringing together the strength of many health charities to an issue, HCCC advances our collective missions in a way that would be challenging for individual charities to do on their own."


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