Investing in Canada’s Future, Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research

Posted: 04-10-2017

Ottawa, ON, April 10, 2017, The Health Charities Coalition of Canada welcomes the recommendations made today by the Advisory Panel to Canada’s Review of Fundamental Science which made important steps in strengthening the Canadian health research ecosystem.  

The report sets out key directions for advancing how science is organized, funded and administered in Canada.  These recommendations provide a blueprint for elevating Canada’s capacity to be a world leader in health research. The Panel’s recommendation to renew funding in Canadian health research is welcomed.

“Enhanced coordination and collaboration in key catalyst areas would enable hundreds of millions of dollars invested annually in research by health charities to be boosted by public and private investment. An immediate investment of funds will enable many of the recommendations in the report.” says Rick Blickstead, Chair of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada and President and CEO of Diabetes Canada.

“These recommendations will help to advance science in Canada and ensure that our young researchers receive adequate support to continue to grow and contribute new knowledge in their area of study while securing our next generation of researchers” said Janet Yale, Vice Chair of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada and President and CEO of The Arthritis Society of Canada.

“Health charities play a unique and important role in funding and supporting fundamental research that has benefits that extend directly to the patients, families and Canadians that they serve” says Connie Côté, CEO of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada. Recommendations outlined in the report will provide more impactful ways for Canadian patients to have their voices heard through the creation of National Advisory Council on Research and Innovation.

Members of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada wish to express their thanks and gratitude to the members of the review panel for their arduous work in preparing the recommendations.  Our members look forward to integrating the perspectives of patients and the health charity sector as we work with the Federal and Provincial Governments, researchers and key stakeholders to implement the proposed recommendations.


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An Executive Summary and list of recommendations submitted on behalf of HCCC to the panel can be found at .

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