HCCC Response to First Ministers Meeting

Posted: 02-08-2023

HCCC Response to First Ministers Meeting 

February 8, 2023

 News Release – Health charities encouraged by intergovernmental commitment to partner on health transfers and call for continued advances to improve the health system – now is the time to act.

Ottawa, ON, February 8, 2023, The Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC) applauds the health funding transfer advances made between the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments to put the health of Canadians first.  This key partnership flags an important first step in addressing the cross-country health system challenges that Canadians have been experiencing and makes way for the modernization of our health system.

Recent polls[i] have shown that “82% of Canadians are worried about getting health services when they are needed and 87% of Canadians agree that an immediate increase in funding and resources is needed to help alleviate the considerable strain the pandemic has on their province or territory’s health care system.” 

“For too long, patients have been waiting.  Waiting to get a family doctor, waiting for testing, waiting to get a referral to see a specialist, waiting to have surgery, waiting for needed therapies, and waiting for rehabilitation and counselling services.  Their resolve has been tested long enough. Canadians cannot wait any longer. They need a Canadian health care system that responds to their health care needs in a timely and equitable way” says Connie Côté, CEO of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada. Yesterday’s funding announcement is a start and demonstrates a needed willingness of the provinces, territories, and federal government to begin to address some of the issues facing our health care system. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, governments, researchers, health care professionals, health charities and system leaders worked together to quickly identify and implement innovations that responded to patient needs. During this time, our society witnessed advances in the health system in virtual care, the introduction of new models of care, updating of targeted health policy interventions and made the case for better health data in our country. We applaud the agile manner in which change happened and call on that collaboration and quick, thoughtful action to continue.

We now face a health system that has many challenges. We need our provincial, territorial and federal health leaders to ensure that Canadian residents once again have confidence that they have a health system that will appropriately support their physical and mental well-being. Over the last five years there have been several national reports that offer clear recommendations for redesigning our health care system. Patients cannot wait any longer.  We implore our provincial, territorial and federal leaders to act now.

“Everyday health charities receive hundreds of calls to their national helplines from patients who are desperately seeking; support in finding a family physician, information on how to manage their illness while awaiting treatment, access to affordable drugs, and assistance in navigating an increasing complex health care system” says Kelly Grover, Chair of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada and CEO of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. “The list of what needs to improve is long. We need continued leadership and action now. The status quo is no longer acceptable.”

“Health charities are ready to work with all levels of government to implement changes in our health care system that will address current gaps and promote the health of Canadians” said Elizabeth Myles, HCCC Vice-Chair and National Executive Director of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  

We want 2023 to be a year of continued action in health care. We call on our government leaders to continue to work together to implement improvements throughout the health system so that Canadians can have the confidence in their system and access to the services and therapies they need. Members of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada are here and ready to work in partnership with our leaders. 

 Now is the time to act. The health of Canadians depends on it.


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[i] Leger. (January 24, 2022) National Healthcare Survey. Rep_COF_NationalHealthcare_25105-001_24Jan2022.pdf




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