COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar Hosted by HCCC and Immunize Canada

Posted: 02-01-2021

The Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC) co-hosted a webinar on COVID-19 Vaccines.  Details are below:

Presenter: Anne Pham-Huy, MD, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Division of Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Allergy. Program Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Training Program and Chair, Immunize Canada.

Panelist/Moderator: Connie Côté, CEO Health Charities Coalition of Canada.


The objective of the webinar was to provide a high level overview that can help with addressing personal/patient/caregiver concerns about COVID-19 vaccines. It also addressed misinformation and/or vaccine hesitancy. Specific areas covered included:

  • Overview of the vaccines
  • Safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of the vaccines
  • Considerations in specific populations

The webinar recording is available 


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